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What does a session looks like?

A session starts with an encounter of energy;

yours and mine, meeting at this time;

we work in the moment.


I show up in full presence, a soul in a male body;

a loving and playful guide to sacred sexuality;

ready to listen, answer, share, coach and touch.


You come in, with an open mind,

free of expectations,

with the curiosity of the adventurer.


We might start by shaking, eye gazing, punching or screaming.

To bring up what’s most alive in your emotional body

And I’ll guide you into unplugging your mind (a practice in itself)

Learning how to surrender to touch 

and walk the pathway that will unite your heart, your mind and your body. 


Bring an intention, a desire, a fear or let it be revealed by the session

We can focus on past wounds or visualize the future


You might want to ask and learn about female and male bodies,

Anything you always wanted to ask… ,

About tantric practices to connect to yourself or to your partner.

About libido, blockages, orgasm or erectile dysfunction…


And we work with what’s alive, in a holistic way; awakening the energy in your body through breathwork, tantric touch, pressure points, movements and sounds as I guide you towards a deeper and deeper dive that will heal the deepest, most primal layer of your being and fertilize the soil from which anything can grow.

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