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Sometimes a seeker decides to share her harvest with me.

A true gift fueling my need for purpose.

I hope these messages help you get a feel for what a session might bring you.

This experience was the first time I have ever experienced a full body orgasm in my entire {almost 4 decades} on Earth. It was pure divinity flowing through my body. My body felt like honey throughout most of the experience, in pure surrender; expressing myself fully and authentically. No inhibitions, no worries, no needing, no controlling; just trusting, being, flowing, enjoying your presence, enjoying the music, enjoying the moment, surrendering, receiving, and loving in the present moment.

P ~38 yo

Abstract Marbles

"There are moments in your life where you come to a door and without having a clue what's behind it,

it compels you to walk through. That was exactly the situation with Vincent. I had no idea what I would find, but I was searching for a deeper connection to myself and my intuition led me to this particular door.

It took me about a week to fully integrate the absolute gift that I was given during our session, but I can see now that it's not only this deeper connection to myself, but it's also a greater recognition of the power I hold as a woman. It's an understanding that there is so much more to intimacy and pleasure that I've only begun to scratch the surface of. It's a lesson in the joy of receiving. And it's the profound healing of allowing yourself to be fully seen and fully expressed."

J ~28 yo

"The session was transformatively divine. I had been feeling the overwhelm of life beforehand and this session allowed me surrender into my inner child and laugh hysterically! Such genuine playful laughter was bubbling through every cell of my being! And to have a man holding supreme space to let me unfold into this was a gift I have not received before in this way. I have received a couple of professional sessions from dakas and you blow them out of the water in your integrity and intuition. Your ability to receive me, to receive me fully and then still offer the space for more of me to come forward is WOW! Yes I’d love for more men to be around you and learn from you. This is one of your superpowers and if men could learn this from you there would probably be a lot more pleasure and a lot less frustration in this world."

A ~62 yo

"The de-armoring session itself was one of the most intimate things I've ever experienced, simply because I was being fully seen & fully heard & fully welcomed. And that was really really great for me to get to discover in a safe space:) So thank you so much for walking me through the process."

S ~29 yo

"I have had two amazing sessions within a one month period. Vincent is very intuitive and holds a wonderful nurturing presence. He definitely embodies compassion and divine healing. I hold a lot of trauma in my lower chakras and he found trigger points in my legs that hold so much, and though painful he released them in such a gracious way that I felt no discomfort, smiling through it all!!. He is a wonderful human being and it is always a pleasure to exchange healing with him, to chat with and share ideas and positive views about this thing we call life."

M ~33 yo

"Vincent is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realm in that he helps connects you from your unconscious to reality! The comfortability and understanding of your body is held as one like a newborn discovering the world for the first time. In this experience, he is communicative and I feel my much needed relief. Thank you!"

N ~27 yo

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