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what is emotional release?

Our bodies store emotions

As we walk through life,


Like a sponge in the rain.


The more we age,

The more we swallow before we express,

The more we stop breathing deeply like a child after running,

The more we tighten our jaws or squeeze our ass,

The more we shut up when we are told to listen,

The more we wait and obey...

The more we loose our deepest desires, and disconnect from Life itself.

It used to be simple and now Life is complicated,

Inside is a messy blur that we'd rather avoid.

Our Intuition has evaporated.

Our “Hell Yes!” is gone, too deep in the fog.

We don’t taste, we don’t want,

We can't trust anymore;

and even when we climax we think it's not that great.

A session of emotional release 

is the practice of squeezing the sponge by unlocking the memory body.

Sometimes we cry rivers, 

or laugh like kids,

Let trauma be screamed 

and anger be punched

No one’s judging

No explanation needed


Emotions flow;

Unexplained, undated, unfiltered…

Freeing us from a weight to carry along,

Allowing us to taste the present in a new way,

Rejuvenated and current,

Fully in the moment.

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